Captain Breena Williams


828.894.3001, option 3, then option 2

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations is responsible for the comprehensive, follow-up investigation of criminal offenses occurring in Polk County. Investigators have a wide variety of techniques available in conducting investigations. Investigators are responsible for evidence collection, crime scene processing, search warrants, interviews and handling the case through court. 

The Criminal Investigations unit also includes a detective that is assigned to the Special Victims Unit.  The SVU investigates sexual assaults of adults and children and works closely with the Department of Social Services. The SVU also maintains the county Sex Offender Registry and investigates violations of this registry. 


Sgt. Pam Cannon

Dep. Judd Lawter

Det. Caleb Edwards

Reserve Investigators:

Det. Mike Benfield

Det. Don Huckabee

Det. Sam Williams

Narcotics Unit/Interdiction

The Narcotics Unit conducts investigations of criminal elements and organizations who illegally manufacture, transport and/or distribute controlled substances within Polk County. Investigators works closely with other units within the Sheriff’s Office, as well as with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Lt. Cole Weicker

Sgt. Joshua Kujawa

Dep. Brad Hicks

Dep. Brian Atkins