Dep. Thomas Tarker


The Evidence and Property Division is responsible for the intake and preservation of evidence that is collected related to investigations conducted within our jurisdiction (which may include firearms, weapons, blood samples and personal property). 

Other types of property that may be stored include recovered stolen, abandoned, and found property, as well as property received for safekeeping. The division is also responsible for returning property to the rightful owner at the conclusion of an investigation or otherwise disposing of property in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes.

Evidence that is no longer needed for court proceedings and the owner is known, will be released, if directed to do so by the court or with proper authorization. The Evidence Custodian will send a letter stating that they have 30 days to pick up the property to the owner's address on file in our office.  Items that remain after the 30 days will be destroyed or sold in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes.  Property and evidence used in the commission of a crime, such as controlled substances or related instruments and/or contraband, which are unlawfully used or possessed, will be destroyed.

Property will be released Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Property will not be released to the owner without photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, state ID card, or passport) and you may be asked to supply proof of ownership..