Captain Jerry Williams

828.894.3001, choose option 4

The Polk County Detention Center provides a safe and secure facility for the inmate population in Polk County. The facility first opened in September 2018 and contains 60 beds (45 for males and 15 for females).

Visiting Hours/Inmate Information


On-Site visiting hours are 1-4pm every Sunday.

Online visitations can be scheduled for anytime by visiting (You will need to register an account)

To Send Money (including commissary) to current inmates:

Visit (Must register account)

To Send Telephone Funds: 

Visit (Must register account)

For Inmate Care Packages:

Visit Kimble's Food

Detention Officers

Sgt. Tim Case

Sgt. Sam Bradley

Sgt. Chelsea Hill

Sgt. Colby Langford 

Sgt. Rebecca Cornwell

Ofc. Donald Dryman             Ofc. Joseph Carroll

Ofc. Kevin Guerrero              Ofc. Ananias Ramirez

Ofc. Michael McAbee           Ofc. Cameron Burrell

Ofc. Caleb Brown                 Ofc. Toriona Murdoch

Ofc. Amanda Walker           Ofc. Caitlin Wolfe

Ofc. Alexis Koone                 Ofc. Kevin Newcomer

Ofc. Justin Dobbins                  

Reserve Officers:  Andy Scruggs    Serina Cline

Kitchen Staff:  Barbra Thompson    Mathew Lail   

                           Cynthia Patterson